Becoming an Apprentice

The system of apprenticeship was first developed in the later middle ages and came to be supervised by craft guilds and town governments. A master craftsman was entitled to employ young people as an inexpensive form of labor in exchange for providing formal training in the craft.


Apply to the Program

Simply fill out an easy online application and it will be reviewed by one of our Local Unions in your area.

Start Learning Your Craft

You will be required to attend x hours of classroom and hands-on training during your x year apprenticeship.

Earn While You Learn

While you attend your training classes you will also get on the job, paid experience in your chosen craft.

Today’s apprenticeship training is managed by labor and management as equal partners, and it has evolved to meet the needs of modern construction industry. An apprentice in the OPCMIA will be taught the skills and knowledge of the trade through a combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. This two pronged approach to training permits a young person beginning their career to advance quickly while becoming an ever increasingly productive member of the crew.

OPCMIA apprenticeship programs offer a standardized curriculum and include the following important aspects of training:

  • Introduction to the industry and trade history
  • Identification and proper use of tools
  • Material composition and mixes
  • Repair and restoration
  • Scaffolding and OSHA Safety Courses
  • Blueprint reading
  • First-aid and CPR Certification

Employers and Contractors!

If you are a contractor interested in what the OPCMIA ITF can do to ensure your workers are the most skilled craftspeople in the world, please visit the OPCMIA’s Employers page.