Health & Safety Training

Health and safety hazards are a fact of construction work. That’s why our Members’ health and safety are a top priority for the OPCMIA.

The best way to guard the health and safety of ourselves and our union sisters and brothers is through superior training. As an organization, we strive to share this safety priority by offering health and safety training to our signatory contractors.

Why should I take training courses?

Training courses will teach you ways to prevent worksite injuries and illnesses and may help you save a sister’s or brother’s life. Your sister or brother may learn something that will help them save your life. When you learn ways to stay safe on the job you are helping not only yourself but also your colleagues and your employer by reducing the chances for injuries and illnesses to occur.

In our industry, we cannot afford to get complacent on the jobsite. Be vigilant about your own health and safety, and look out for your brothers and sisters on the jobsite. Keep each other safe!

What training courses are offered?

The basic training classes offered by your Local or JATC are OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Construction Outreach Training, with topics chosen first according to OSHA regulations, and additional topics selected to meet the needs of the workers in each class (i.e., confined space, concrete & masonry, scaffolds, etc.)

We offer a variety of focused training courses to help workers stay safe on the jobsite. These courses include:

  • Residential Construction Safety
  • Scaffolding
  • Hazardous Waste Worker
  • Fall Prevention
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Professional Skin Protection for Cement Workers
  • and more!

Employers and Contractors!

If you are a contractor interested in what the OPCMIA ITF can do to ensure your workers are the most skilled craftspeople in the world, please visit the OPCMIA’s Employers page.