Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources

The current COVID-19 Pandemic presents a serious health hazard to our members and their families, the OPCMIA is committed to doing everything we can to be a source of support during this challenging time. Please visit the OPCMIA COVID-19 page for important information.

ePub User Guide

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost every area of our daily lives including our training programs. We have put together a User Guide for using our ePubs to assist you in meeting the training needs of the apprentices you serve. Please read through the guide and consider whether the information will be helpful to your program. We’ve included some ideas that many schools and groups are using to continue their education in the midst of this pandemic. The ideas may not work for every program around the country, but perhaps you will find something useful to help your apprentices complete their training for the current term.

Career Training in Cutting-Edge Construction Crafts

Applying plaster and placing and finishing concrete are highly-skilled crafts requiring career-long training, from apprenticeships for workers entering the trade to upgrading and safety courses that keep journeypeople at the top of their profession.

That’s what the OPCMIA International Training Fund (ITF) does. We are a non-profit national training trust fund meeting the training needs of signatory contractors, members, affiliated Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees (JATC), and affiliated local unions of the Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association (OPCMIA).

Careers in the OPCMIA Crafts

The OPCMIA’s crafts are both time-honored and on the cutting edge of technological change. Cement Masons place and finish concrete and Plasterers apply various plaster products in a wide range of structures and settings. The proper use of these products in the construction and wall and ceiling industries require skilled workers who are trained to be artisans.


OPCMIA ITF Training Programs

Training is the foundation upon which a skilled craft builds its reputation, and without a solid foundation a building will crumble and fall. That is why the OPCMIA maintains a host of training programs to support the plaster and concrete industry. Each program is carefully designed to maximize productivity, quality, safety, and opportunity.


The OPCMIA International Training Fund produces the best plasterers and cement masons in North America. Watch and learn more about how our Apprenticeship program and mid-career training set the standard for craftsmanship. The OPCMIA ITF means quality all the way!

Daniel E. Stepano
General President, OPCMIA
Chairman, ITF Board of Trustees